sandblasting suit

sandblasting suit

sandblasting suit

Rugged leather panels protect arms and legs while the durable cotton back allows sandblasting suit to breathe more comfortably for increased comfort. Plus, sweat wicking fabric will keep blasters cool during productivity-boosting blasting sessions!
Durable leather front offers protection from abrasive ricochet and momentary direct impact. A press stud closure also prevents dust or other particles entering through its ingress ports.
Protective Fabric

An innovative new sandblasting suit makes protecting workers during cleaning easier than ever before. Dubbed an environmental controlled abrasive blasting suit (ECAB), it combines under and over garments, helmet, and respirator into one fully enclosed unit, saving workers from time-consuming multi-step suit up procedures that were traditionally necessary before beginning abrasive blasting operations.

The durable leather front of this suit provides protection from both blasting abrasives and any rebound created from surfaces being cleaned, while its cotton back allows it to breathe for enhanced operator comfort. Furthermore, its unique design omits zippers which often jam during use or can become scratched by grains; instead strong durable buttons are used instead to close it securely - more reliable and preventing blasting dust entry.

Additionally, this suit's nylon and cotton construction makes it machine-washable; this allows workers to rewear it after each cleaning job while cutting replacement costs for rental yards. Furthermore, its light weight means it is easier for workers to carry around than heavy duty blast suits, making it the ideal choice for mobile abrasive-blasting applications.

This versatile suit comes in sizes ranging from small to 3XL and is an increasingly popular option among rental yards. For maximum comfort, recoil-absorbing inlays and high comfort sport cuffs have been added; leg and hand cuff straps can also be adjusted easily to fit users of various sizes while keeping out dust or abrasives.
Breathable Fabric

When working, blasters must feel comfortable. One effective way of doing this is selecting breathable fabrics that allow perspiration to escape while simultaneously protecting skin from dust, dirt and germ accumulation - enabling easier work without restrictions such as tight clothing.

Unfortunately, the term 'breathability' is often misrepresented and misused due to confusion surrounding what exactly is meant by "breathability." Breathability refers to fabric's moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), not their capacity for air transportation. To put it another way: an MVTR measures how much water vapour passes through a piece of fabric every 24 hours - often exaggerated by product marketing copywriters who write their sales copy.

Clemco lightweight sandblasting suits are excellent solution for warm climates or indoor blasting sessions, made of a nylon-cotton blend which makes it both lightweight and highly durable. Machine-washable makes it an excellent and practical option. This makes the Clemco suit an excellent option for any blaster!

The heavy-duty RPB blast suit is the ideal solution for serious blasters who demand maximum protection and comfort. Featuring sweat-wicking cotton/nylon blend material in the chest and back areas for sweat wicking and breathability, as well as tough, abrasion resistant nylon covering the rest of the body for protection, this blast suit offers unparalleled resistance against wear and tear while also improving breathability and breathability.
Adjustable Elastic

The sandblasting suit provides an effective barrier against the hazards of an abrasive-blasting environment, shielding an operator from danger. Comprised of special under- and overgarment as well as helmet and respirator for optimal mobility and comfort during use, its design focuses on increasing endurance while offering comprehensive protection from blasting dust that poses significant health hazards to anyone nearby.

The suit features rugged leather on its arms and legs to shield against abrasive rebound during blasting, while durable cotton back ensures breathability for prolonged comfort during long sessions. Furthermore, its front is secured by a robust zipper with an anti-abrasive strip closure strip to block abrasive particles entering through its zipper openings.

Elastic cuffs and ankles seal off blasted product from entering both the suit and operator, protecting both from reentry of abrasive dust particles. Sleeves feature special attachment/detachment cuffs that hold detachable gloves or boots connected to the coverall through special attachment/detachment mechanisms.

RPB offers this heavy-duty suit as an enhanced way of protecting their operators, increasing safety and productivity. Constructed of heavy-duty nylon on the front for enhanced protection with breathable cotton back panels to keep operators cool and comfortable - it pairs perfectly with Nova 3 Supplied Air Respirator! For optimal use this suit should be put on over clothing; be aware that they run large; so if you are large be sure not to order an XL!
Knee Pads

Knee pads are used in sandblasting suits to increase comfort for blasters. Specifically designed to fit into pre-sewn knee slots in the suit, these lightweight foam knee pads can easily be inserted without elastic straps requiring tightening - these knee pads are extremely long-term durable!

If you're searching for a quality blast suit with built in knee pad pockets, look no further than the RPB Blast Suit. Built to withstand tough blasting environments and professional blasters who take pride in their work, its heavy duty cotton back features air vents to keep wearers cool while its sizes Small through 4X Large options come equipped with replaceable knee pads making this an excellent value proposition.


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